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Happy Note for the Day

Thanks from the Berkeley Shelter… Thanks for your donation of the two Paco collars. We’ve been using them for the photographs we post on the various websites (, petfinders, pbrc, etc.), as well as for daily walks. The dogs are most appreciative for the opportunity to look stylish. Most are already strong, and all are […]

Paco Collars tattoo = Paco goods!

We’re dead serious about this. Anyone who is dedicated enough to immortalize the best leather dog collars in the world by embelleshing their body with a Paco Collars inspired tattoo deserves to be rewarded. The level of reward will depend on the hard-coreness of the tattoo (as decided by company vote… don’t worry, we’re lenient) […]

It’s the “Help Get Us to Vegas” Sale… 20% off Everything!

Don’t worry, we’re not gambling addicts, but SuperZoo in Las Vegas is around the corner and we’re gearing up to go. SuperZoo is the West Coast’s largest pet trade show and a chance to introduce our products to a huge audience, but we need your help. With tremendous opportunity comes extra cost, so we’re fundraising […]

Xdog the Supermodel

Recently our own little Xochitl (“So-Chee”) posed for Nuena Photography for their upcoming exhibit at SF Puppy Prep. Just shy of 10 months old, she’s finally coming into her own and turning into one very good poser. Just see for yourself… Train-hopping style Funny feet The end (aka “Xochitl’s Good Side”) For more pics, check […]

It’s (a)Live!

Our new site has launched! Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes, visually the new site is nearly identical to the old one. However, the whole back-end has been re-written and you may notice some nifty new features. The next few days we’ll be working out the kinks, so expect things to change a […]

Fly, fly away , little bird

You may or may not know that Paco Collars has an internship program. That’s right, if you have the interest and the commitment, we will take you through our program and teach you how to work with leather. In exchange, you help us make product (and earn some for yourself along the way). Meet our […]

Turn your Art Walk into an Art Workout…

… by starting at Paco Collars! Come join us this Friday August 7 for a little pre-art walk warm-up at the store. We’ll be serving wine, cheese, and good conversation from 5-7 and then heading on down to the main event after closing time. If you’ve never been to Oakland’s Art Mumur, we highly encourage […]