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There’s a New Channel on the Dial…

It’s PacoTV!! That’s right, we’ve created a Youtube Channel for anything and everything related to Paco Collars. We’ve got educational videos… … entertaining videos… … and just plain stupid videos… We’ll be adding new stuff all the time so keep checking in at Best part is that you have the chance to participate. Wait, […]

Paco Gets Dressed!

For those who don’t know, Paco has a slew of tricks under his (virtual) belt. One of his more useful ones is putting on his own dog collar in the morning. Today it was captured on film… watch for yourself! What’s hilarious is that the real Paco comes running every time you play this video […]

The Great Debate

It’s Ana Poe’s acting debut. Please don’t laugh. Yes, the hectic shooting schedule, hours spent cramped in an elevator, and low pay (she was paid in dog shirts, see previous post) did not sway her attitude and she persevered like a true professional. All roses, congratulatory gifts, and award nominations can be sent to her […]