Lemonade Sale!

You know that saying, about when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade… well, we’re feeling it!


We won’t bore you with the details of our technical glitches but the short story is that the backend of our website is outdated and acting wonky.  We’re building a new backend but, until then, the only way we can make the shopping cart feature work is to disable the shipping.   What does this mean for you?  FREE SHIPPING* while we build our new shopping cart.  It could take a day, it could take a week, or it could take a month.  Like all construction projects, you can give it your best estimate but it’s hard to know if things will line up and go smoothly or if you’ll hit roadblocks.  All you can do it make a plan and trudge forward.


So life has handed us some lemons (website issues) but, lucky for you, we’re making lemonade (Free Shipping).  No code required, get it while it lasts!


*international orders will be charged reduced shipping.  Applies to website orders only, not in-person, phone, or email orders.

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