Paco Collars tattoo = Paco goods!

We’re dead serious about this.

Anyone who is dedicated enough to immortalize the best leather dog collars in the world by embelleshing their body with a Paco Collars inspired tattoo deserves to be rewarded. The level of reward will depend on the hard-coreness of the tattoo (as decided by company vote… don’t worry, we’re lenient) with the ultimate reward being free Paco goods.

If you’re worried we’ll go Casa Sanchez on you don’t fret. First off, we won’t demand that you get our logo in order to get free goods. There are plenty of other ways to celebrate Paco Collars, so get creative.

If you need some inspiration, check out this piece on Wes Hoye


Muggy (orange) and Lola (black) are Wes’ dogs and Maggie (front right) is sporting a Mega Lola.


Wes already has enough Paco goods so opted to donate the free Mega Lola earned to the tattoo artist, whose Newfoundland sports the new collar quite nicely!

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