Fetching Tags are here!

fetching tags are here!

What’s a Fetching Tag, you ask? Only the most kick-ass, high quality pet tags you can get your hands on. 100% handcrafted in the USA from aircraft aluminum, they’re light as a feather but built to last.

Does this sound like a commercial yet? Well it should because we totally dig these tags and they’re what our pets proudly sport. To refresh your memory, here’s Paco’s tag:

People always ask us where we get our tags. Well Fetching Tags and Paco Collars are so complimentary, like peas in a pod or beans and rice, that we worked out a deal and now carry them in our store. Come on down and check out the superb quality in person.

If you can’t make it here, don’t fret. You always get them straight from the source online. But be warned, they can become addictive…

ooh, fetching tags!

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