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Fly, fly away , little bird

You may or may not know that Paco Collars has an internship program. That’s right, if you have the interest and the commitment, we will take you through our program and teach you how to work with leather. In exchange, you help us make product (and earn some for yourself along the way). Meet our […]

Turn your Art Walk into an Art Workout…

… by starting at Paco Collars! Come join us this Friday August 7 for a little pre-art walk warm-up at the store. We’ll be serving wine, cheese, and good conversation from 5-7 and then heading on down to the main event after closing time. If you’ve never been to Oakland’s Art Mumur, we highly encourage […]

Put your money where your mouth is…

… or consider opening your home. By now you’ve no doubt heard of the huge dogfighting bust that has yielded over 400 dogs. For decades the policy has been to automatically put these evidence dogs down, before their owners are even brought to trial, but the policy is slowly shifting.

What makes a collar a Paco Collar?

The answer to that question and more can be found in this short, educational video we put together. If you’ve ever wondered what went into making your Paco Collar, then you should definitely check it out: Special thanks to JR Sheetz who directed/edited/produced this little diddy. Share it with someone you love today!

Be our 1000th Web Customer and Your Order’s On Us!

Back when our website debuted in its current incarnation 4 years ago, getting our first web order was really exciting. Then order 100 was a landmark, as was order number 500, as well as the numbers in between that made us giggle (69, 666, etc). But now we’re creeping up on our 1000th web order […]

Open for Business!

Yes, it’s official, our new storefront is open for business. Technically we’ve been open all week but who’s counting (wait, are you?). In addition to Paco Collars, this month we’re featuring goods from Idawg Clothing, Aroo Studio, and Mijo and Bambi as well as the artwork of Jesse Freidin.