Color Options – Leather, Stones and Finishes

Ever wonder what the difference is in the leather colors? Here is a swatch to help you decide! As always, if you have questions about what would look best on your dog, feel free to ask us. Please note that we do not recommend Burgundy for white dogs or dogs that swim as it can bleed when wet.

From the top down: Black, Chocolate, Burgundy, and Tan.


Stone Finishes

Here is an Aqua colored stone in all of the finishes.

From the Left:

Rhinestone: This is the classic stone, it has facets that catch the light.

                                                Seaglass: This is a smooth domed stone with a matte finish.

                                                Moonstone: This is a smooth domed stone, but with a smooth clear finish.

                                                Gemocite: This is a smooth domed stone is opaque and does not sparkle.

                                                Holographic: This is a facets stone with an extra sparkly finish.

Stone Charts

Click on picture to enlarge