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Contest: Good Old Fashioned Popularity Contest!

Think back to high school… who was the most popular kid in your class? Well we want to know who is the most popular dog on Facebook and you’re going to help us. Here’s how it works: Starting Tuesday January 18, post a picture of your dog on our Facebook page and have your friends […]

New Foster Pup…

If you keep up on our Facebook page you already know all about the new guy but for those who are anti-social networking, meet Scamp! He’s a young, teeny tiny Mexican Hairless Dog that showed up in the night drop box of Berkeley Animal Care Services. Since he’s the same breed as our Xdog, of […]

Holiday Party Time!

The rumors are true, the Paco Collars holiday party is *the* place to be this holiday season and you’re invited! Here are the deets: When: Saturday December 18, 5-8 pm Where: The Paco Collars Store Why: to celebrate another successful year doing what we love with our loved ones, friends, customers, and the dogs who […]

Goodbye, Huckleberry

Yesterday was Huckleberry’s first birthday, and yesterday we put him down. The decision to do so was a long and complicated road. You can read about it here. The one source of comfort is knowing that he was extremely well loved by many, and had a life much better than he was originally destined for. […]

Ho-ho-holiday time!

It seems like the holidays come earlier and earlier every year. With our old turnaround time we used to announce deadlines way back in October, but we’ve become super efficient (considering the custom nature of our work) and now can put off the holidays like the rest of you. However, there’s no denying they’re sneaking […]

The New Guy…

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve added a new member to the Paco Collars family. He started out as a foster but slowly wormed his way into our hearts. You can read all about Huckleberry’s story here. Swing on by and say “hi” if you’re in the neighborhood…