Need it by the Holidays? Take Note!



Some places have elves, we have Gnomes!  Little Gnome here is working as fast as her little paws can manage, but she needs a heads up if you want to get your Paco Collar in time for the holiday.  She would like you to please take note of the following dates:

December 7 — last day to order a collar with our 2-3 week turnaround time and receive it by the holidays with no additional charge.

December 8 — uh-oh, now you’re gambling… you *might* get your collar in time, but then again you might not, unless you order a $35 RUSH FEE.

December 15 — you’re cutting it close, but you can still guarantee holiday delivery with a $50 RUSH FEE

December 19 — wow, you’re a real procrastinator, eh?  We still got your back, but it’s gonna cost you a $75 RUSH FEE that includes overnight shipping and paying our little Gnome overtime for burning the midnight oil.

Moral of the story?  Get your order in soon, get it in now, and let’s keep our little Gnome happy this holiday!

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