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The Sula Collar

Our collar designs derive their names from the dogs that inspire them, and this time we got asked to honor a dog with very big paws to fill. Introducing “The Sula,” a collar designed in honor of the late Sula who serves as muse for Ken Foster and inspiration for New Orleans’ Sula Foundation. For […]

Punk Rawk, Redefined.

Perhaps nothing is more iconic than the punk rock pyramid stud. You know the one. Line several end upon end to create the classic “punk rock belt,” without which movies like Suburbia could never have been made. Getting a pyramid stud belt is almost a right of passage in the punk rock community, but at […]

Brand Spankin’ New Design!

It’s called The Namid and it’s the beefier version of our popular Swirl collar. It’s actually not that new of a design. Lobo, the Golden pictured here, has been sporting it for a few months alongside the collar’s namesake, Namid himself (who belongs to the talented Tanja Baker). But it’s new to the site and […]

Paco Collars tattoo = Paco goods!

We’re dead serious about this. Anyone who is dedicated enough to immortalize the best leather dog collars in the world by embelleshing their body with a Paco Collars inspired tattoo deserves to be rewarded. The level of reward will depend on the hard-coreness of the tattoo (as decided by company vote… don’t worry, we’re lenient) […]

New Swirl Collar!

This is old news for our newsletter subscribers, but now it’s time to officially introduce the Swirl Collar to the rest of the world. With a ton of different rhinestone and leather color options, there’s bound to be a combo that suits the dog in your life. Oh, and you see that light colored collar? […]