Fly, fly away , little bird

You may or may not know that Paco Collars has an internship program. That’s right, if you have the interest and the commitment, we will take you through our program and teach you how to work with leather. In exchange, you help us make product (and earn some for yourself along the way).

Meet our most recent graduate, Tiffany Black.

tiffany black learning as an intern

It feels like just yesterday she started learning with us and has now grown wings of her own. We helped set her secure the necessary tools, now she’s got a whole leatherworking set-up at home and has begun her own line of headbands and bracelets.

You can catch “Hoof and Horn” designs at Dolores Park Saturdays and Sundays from 1-6 as well as a few local stores. Contact Tiffany with more questions.

hoof and horn goods

Oh, and if you want to be the next superstar intern, contact us!

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