Paco Collars

Paco Collars was born in 2002 when Ana couldn’t find a collar strong enough for her pit bull Paco. When she tried to find a collar they were all spikey and intimidating. She thought maybe she could do it better.

Like any new company starting with only a dream and not nearly enough capital, there were lots of years working out of basements and warehouses and many years not sure if we were going to get paid. We kept growing,and perfecting our craft. In 2009 tragedy struck and Paco died in an accident. Things looked bleak, but later that year we moved into a tiny shop with retail space in Berkeley.

We have been slowly expanding the shop, and while we might have more space and more people we are all still in one room, making collars the old fashioned way.

Ana - Founder

Ana is the one that started it all. Her life used to be consumed with Paco (the dog) and building the company. Now that she is a bit older and wiser her days are filled with milking goats (yes! in her backyard!) and being a mom to her human child, and hanging with her dog Cornbread. She still comes to the shop everyday and makes collars, and is the creative director here at Paco.


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Lael - Leather Cutter Extraordinaire

Lael is an illustrator from Maryland and cuts leather with the cat like precision of the felines he so adores. He is the first person to touch your Paco Collar, hand picking each hide and making sure your order is perfect from the start. When not at Paco you may find him luxuriating among stacks of death metal records or perhaps frolicking with ferrets.


Leslie - Head of all things Paco (Fixer of Things)

If something needs happening at Paco, Leslie is the one to do it. From making sure payroll and taxes are paid to finding new stone colors, to selling collars on the road, to building new displays in the shop, Leslie has her hands full. When she isn’t at Paco she is competing in agility with her dog Gnome and working on her own projects at home.


Laura- Customer Service Line and Retail Genius

Laura is a writer from Indiana, putting her in the fine company of Kurt Vonnegut, Adam Driver and Garfield. Here at Paco, she will be your guide on the journey to the perfect collar! Whether in store, at a show, via email or phone (sometimes all at once!) she will help you find the best collar or leash for the animals in your life. When not fielding questions with her Midwestern charm, she can be found slaying crowds at karaoke bars or staring adoringly at her cat Scout (pictured, on right).