Paco Collars

Paco Collars was born in 2002 when Ana couldn’t find a collar strong enough for their pit bull, Paco. When they tried to find a collar, the ones they found were spikey and intimidating. They thought they could do it better!

Like any new company starting with only a dream and not nearly enough capital, there were many years working out of basements and warehouses, and many years spent wondering if we were going to get paid. We kept growing and perfecting our craft. In 2009, tragedy struck and Paco died in an accident. Things looked bleak, but later that year, we moved into a tiny shop and retail space in Berkeley. That’s when business really took off.

Nowadays, the studio is located in West Berkeley, and while we might have more space and more people, we are all still in one room, making collars the old fashioned way.

Ana - Founder

Ana is the one who started it all. Their life used to be consumed with Paco (the dog) and building the company you see today. Now, they are a bit older and wiser; Their days are filled with farm life (goats, chickens, etc), being a mom to their human child, and hanging with their dogs, Xochitl and Cornbread. They still make collars every day and love what they do. (Photo by Molly DeCoudreaux)


Kristin - Customer Service Queen

Paco’s Customer Service Queen is Kristin. She’ll get you set up with a virtual fitting, help with your questions, and send your new bling for your best friend off on its way. She’s a long time dog lover with a weakness for Cardigan Corgis and other herdy nerdy dogs. (Photo by The Labs & Co.)



Jen - HR aka Head of Rhinestones

Jen is an artist/illustrator with an affinity for all things bird related. They joined Paco in 2017 as a retail associate, but quickly picked up the skills for production. They have found a creative home at Paco where they are involved in every aspect of collar-making: from cutting down full size hides to adding hardware, and creating some of our most sparkling designs. When not in the studio, they love to take road trips and can be found in their kitchen testing recipes for their future Taiwanese comfort food restaurant.