9 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Our New Bark Ad!

  1. kristinleydigbryant says:

    I like 2 bc the dog is looking at the collars and I like the movement implied by the cropping.
    Hubby likes 3 bc of the contrast between collars and dog.

  2. kasper says:

    A gets my vote!
    the pieces look rich, full, almost like crown jewels.
    the reflection add a lot to the image… it might add even more if it reflected the subject in full.
    B is also nice, but too much focus on the pup for me. these pieces speak for themselves; they are stunning, Xochitl is the accessory. only when it comes to this ad, of course 😉

  3. Kala's Mama says:

    I like C, because it shows off X's collar nicely and she looks so well mannered! (And check the focus in her eyes!) Also, the “2 column's effect” fills up the frame just enough.

  4. billy jones says:

    o.k.–my opinion only…C is really just a “standard” shot, and A shows what a cutie-pie X-dog really is , but the motion implied ,along with her focus on the collars ,makes B my choice.

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