Boom-Boom needs a Room-Room

We haven’t yet found the “New Paco” but the search has also been put on hold as Xochitl enters her “teenager phase.” In the meantime, we’re fostering this little guy:

being thoughtful

His name is Puumba, but we’ve been calling him “Boom-Boom”. He was surrendered to San Francisco Animal Control by his owner as a wee pup, brought home by in-house trainer and given a solid foundation, is now repped by Grateful Dogs, and even has his own Petfinder page.

He’s a really cool guy, smart as a whip, confident, and loves everyone he meets. The right home for him should be an active one and, if you think you have the stuff to give this guy a great life, we urge you to contact Grateful Dogs and tell them just that.

Even if you can’t adopt right now you can still help: come down and socialize with him! The more people he meets the better, and the more people tell him to “sit” and “wait” the more it will help him in the long run. He’ll be at the Paco Collars store just about every day, so come on down, bring treats, and get your puppy love in. He’s 12 weeks old now and the cuteness clock is ticking so make time to come see him soon!

serene puumba

p.s. we’re not keeping him, don’t even suggest it… as incredibly squishily adorable as he is, two puppies is waaaaaaay too much!

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