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Xdog’s Corner: Nail Art

My nails are pretty much out of control.  Sure, they get trimmed, but I don’t like it.  It’s not that my mom isn’t good at it.  Heck, she’s the one who volunteers to help dogs get over their fear of the nail trimmers.  She’s been working with me since Day One, and I’ll tolerate it, […]

The Hunt for the “New Paco”

The recent and sudden death of Paco has left us with a Paco-shaped hole in our lives, one that needs filling. Now, we’re not naive enough to think that he could truly be replaceable, but the company is stuck without a mascot and Ana Poe is lonely without a pit bull, a situation that needs […]

New Addition to the Paco Collars Family…

It is not your imagination, this dog has no hair. She is a Xoloitzcuintle, sometimes referred to as a Mexican Hairless dog. Recently she followed Ana Poe home from Mexico and now she is Paco’s new little sister. She goes by either “Xochitl” (So-chee) or “Monkey”, whichever you prefer.