Be our 1000th Web Customer and Your Order’s On Us!

Company Holiday party at Lanesplitters

Back when our website debuted in its current incarnation 4 years ago, getting our first web order was really exciting. Then order 100 was a landmark, as was order number 500, as well as the numbers in between that made us giggle (69, 666, etc). But now we’re creeping up on our 1000th web order and that, to us, is a *huge* landmark.So, if you happen to be our 1000th web customer, your order is on us! We don’t care what you order, you could get one of everything on the site, but we’ll foot the bill (er, you’ll get a refund and free goods).

Now, we can’t tell you how close we are to our 1000th web order. I mean, that would just be giving it away. However, we can say that is is really soon, like really, really soon. It could be today, tomorrow… we’re not disposed to say. And don’t worry if you’re abhorrent to gambling, just think of it this way: you were going to get yourself some Paco Collars goods eventually, this is just extra incentive to do it sooner rather than later.

Eek, this is so exciting!

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