Put your money where your mouth is…

… or consider opening your home.

By now you’ve no doubt heard of the huge dogfighting bust that has yielded over 400 dogs. For decades the policy has been to automatically put these evidence dogs down, before their owners are even brought to trial, but the policy is slowly shifting.

Thanks to hardworking groups that have been campaigning for these dogs, and the very public success of the Vick dogs, these dogs now have a chance, but it’s not over yet. See, if no one steps forward, then the powers that be can argue no one wants these dogs and their old automatic-euthanasia policy was actually the most practical one, so it’s up to us to make a difference. Now is the time to act.

One of the most vocal groups pivotal in implementing the recent policy change that allows these 400+ dogs to be alive today is BADRAP, and right now they need help. The specific project is to build housing to accommodate dogs from not only this bust but dogs in need going forward. Donating to them not only assists the current dogs in need, but the fate of dogs in general as the group is still actively working with policy makers in helping authorities view dogs in need equally. Please help out.

Secondly, the Humane Society of Missouri has absorbed the brunt of this bust. They are a pit friendly shelter and are in charge of giving these dogs love and stimulation while they are in holding, which could be months as these trials go to court. The HSMO (not to be confused with the HSUS, they are not related) needs monetary as well as physical donations. Donate what you can and, if you’re local, consider volunteering.

Lastly, once these dogs get out and cleared as adoptable, they’ll need a place to go. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle. Foster homes seem to always be in short supply, but if these dogs have nowhere to go once their shelter time is up, then they might as well get put down now and be spared the trauma of the kennels.

If you’ve ever had the urge to foster, now is the time to do it. Contact your favorite rescue group and raise your hand. If you don’t have previous experience, you can help by taking on a solid, easy to foster dog already in the program, which then opens up a more experienced foster home that can tackle a bust dog.

We at Paco Collars are going to do our part. Our plan is to:

— make a monetary donation to BADRAP

— donate collars, leads, and toys to HSMO

— reward folks who are able to make a four-digit donation ($1000+) to either organization with COMPLIMENTARY PACO GOODS (contact us for details)

— help in the fostering effort by volunteering our time to bust dogs

If every person does what they can, together we can make a huge difference and prove once and for all every dog deserves a chance, despite their background.

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