Honor-Thy-Labor Day Sale! Sept 4-11

Take a look at the objects around you… bet you can’t name the person who made them, but your Paco Collar is another story. Not only do you know where your collar came from, but you can point us out to your friends and say, “Yeah, see that guy? And that girl? They made this from scratch.” Heck, if you really wanted, you could even call us and we’d look up your order and let you know exactly who laid hands on your collar and at what point during the process*, that’s how much we honor our labor.

This weekend help us celebrate our wee but mighty workforce with a sale, the “Honor-Thy-Labor Day Sale.”

From Sept 4-11, 2010, enjoy 15% with the coupon code “LABOR”.

If you’re internet-impaired, feel free to swing by the store or call us in order to take advantage of the discount any time between this Saturday and next.

September marks the beginning of the trade show season and, once again, it’s us against the big guys. We’ve been proponents of the handmade movement before it really came into vogue, but we need all the help we can get. Know that the proceeds from this sale will directly help us get to the Superzoo and Backers, and will ultimately send a message to the big companies that pet owners care about who makes their products.

Thank you for helping us honor our labor!

* speaking of “the process”, if you’re curious as to what exactly goes into your Paco Collar you can check out this informative video:

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