Goodbye, Huckleberry

Yesterday was Huckleberry’s first birthday, and yesterday we put him down.

The decision to do so was a long and complicated road. You can read about it here. The one source of comfort is knowing that he was extremely well loved by many, and had a life much better than he was originally destined for.

Run free buddy, we’ll meet again someday.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Huckleberry

  1. Sueyh47 says:

    So sorry! I know how hard it is to make that decision. I read about what you went through and can see how hard you tried with him and gave him a chance. Sometimes doing the right, responsible thing really hurts.

  2. Emily~ DreamEyce says:

    Nothing, nothing at all hurts more than having to say good by to a friend at the prime of their life due to safety/behavioral reasons. I have been there too, with our beloved Kiwi, an amazing rescue girl who came through so much, but was never really stable.

    My heart, and respect goes out to you. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. Huckleberry, your internet fans love you, will miss you, and the impact your wonderful spirit has made in this world will lead on forever.

  3. Eff says:

    For these special ones it boils down to quality over quantity. You gave him time and love he would have never had otherwise, and you’ll carry memories with you forever. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Bridget says:

    I commend you for the choice you made. I know it was the hardest thing you’ve probably ever faced, but you did all that you could. Thank you for being a responsible pit bull owner. I know has nothing to do with the breed, but thank you any ways!!! I hope you find another perfect companion — in the form of a pit bull 😉

  5. Amber T says:

    Thank you for sharing this!
    I work at a local shelter, and go though this all the time.
    Hopefully people will read this and understand why this has to happen. People are so quick to judge, and tell us we didn’t try, we didn’t do this or that.. when the truth is we did, and sometimes there is nothing that can be done..
    You are a VERY strong women!
    Thank you again!
    XOXOXOX(just the hugs part :))
    btw.Cash says hello!

  6. "g" says:

    I admire your courage to do the right thing for your pup. I think it’s important for people to understand that this kind of “offness” can be inside ANY dog not just a pittie. I am truly sorry for your loss as I know how hard a decision like this can rip your heart up. In time there will be another pittie looking for you….and more stories for you to tell us. You are appreciated!

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