“Happy Birthday to Us!” Contest

October is a big month for Paco Collars. The company was founded in October 2002 which means this month marks our 9th year in business. That fact that we’ve not only been able to stay in business despite the economy, but also continue to steadily grow is a big accomplishment, but we couldn’t have done it without you guys.

To mark this anniversary and thank you for helping us reach this landmark, we’re having a contest. It’s gonna be a totally selfish contest on our part so bear with us through the rules:

— Send us a birthday wish through facebook by posting on our wall. You can post a picture, a card, a video, song, whatever but make it original on your part. For instance, send an I Can Has Cheezeburger-esque captioned photo of your pet, make them sing and dance in a video, create a unicorn/dog/rainbow card mash-up in photoshop… you get the picture. Making us laugh will win you big points, as will sincerity.

— Check out the other entries and vote for your favorites (okay, you technically don’t *have* to do this part but it makes it more fun and sportsmanlike and all)

— There are two ways to win:
1. get the most comments on your birthday “card” (one comment/person/day)
2. company choice (whichever entry tickles our fancy the most)

— The contest runs from Monday October 18 to Thursday October 21, 9pm PST. The winners will receive the Paco product of their choice (up to $100 value) and be announced sometime Friday so be ready…

Yeah, yeah, it is a little self-absorbed to be asking for birthday wishes in the form of a contest but we figured that since it’s nearly impossible to actually meet up with everyone and have one big party, this is the virtual way of doing it. Woohoo to 9 years in business!

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