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Stop the Presses!

No, wait, we take that back. . . keep ’em going! Seriously, it seems like Paco Collars is getting press everywhere! First, Dillon Media LLC did a piece in their “Pet Industry Weekly” blog spot. (By the way, for anyone who’s a hardcore pet industry nerd, Dillon Media LLC is a goldmine! They have one […]

Remembering Buddy Freeman

To say Buddy Freeman was a lucky dog would be an understatement. He showed up at the shelter at four years of age and was, miraculously, adopted out despite the numerous “dangerous dog” warnings posted on his kennel door. However, within a few hours of his adoption, Buddy found himself at a dog trainer’s doorstep […]

Do things the American way!

This Fourth of July celebrate our country’s independance by doing something the American way: buying something cheap! This July 1-7 we’re having a sale. . . 20% off ALL COLLARS, woohoo!!!!!!!! So look around now, plan your strategy, and then make our founding fathers proud by spending money (and supporting American made products). Yeehaw.