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Congratulations, Donyale!

Yes, it’s true, our very own January/February poster child for Paco Collars is being featured in the most recent issue of Fetch, a free paper available in San Francisco, the North Bay, and the East Bay. For those of you that don’t have the luxury of rolling down to the nearest pet store and picking […]

We love you, Pandora!

And, apparently, so does the rest of the four-legged nation as our own Pouty Princess was just voted “Best in Show” on Dogster (a title akin to “Most Popular” in high school or “President” of the United States). For those of you who disdain going online, you can read about her achievement in the current […]

Who’s That Girl?

We’ll give you a hint: it’s not Madonna. No, it’s Paco Collars founder Ana Poe modeling goods for local East Bay company Adeline Street. Who knew that dorky girl who once thought a pair of turquoise home-made jams was the epitome of fashion would actually grow up to, well, represent fashion? We suppose stranger things […]