Paco turns 6. . . Fiesta Time!

It’s true, our own Paco, who serves as inspiration, mascot, and CEO of Paco Collars (hey, somebody’s gotta make the decisions) turns 6 years old this May 20.

When asked how he felt entering his prime, Paco had this to say, “Well, I’m less than enthused about the occasional grey hair popping up here and there, but generally I’m un-phased. That’s what they make ‘Just for Men TM’ for, right?

“Actually, I’m pretty comfortable about my age. I don’t make the same mistakes I used to, been there, done that, but I can still hang with the youngins without feeling too bad.”

When asked if his relationship with 11 month old Mabel was a stab at regaining his youth he corrected the interviewer, “Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love hanging out with Mae. She’s a lot of fun, but there’s nothing romantic going on. I hear she’s dating some dog named Marciano anyway.”

Lastly, Paco wanted to impart some words of wisdom to all the dogs out there, “My advice is this: if there’s something your owner doesn’t want you to have, all you have to do is wait until they’re not looking. Works every time.”

This year Paco is celebrating his birthday with an BBQ from 3-?, Sunday May 20, at his house. Everyone is welcome to attend, just email us at with “Paco’s BBQ” in the header for directions and details!

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