Calling all Posers! (aka “Be the next Zoolander”)

Yeah, we’re talking to you. Think you’re good looking, huh? Think your dog is too, eh? Well then have we got an opportunity for you. . .

We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent and there’s nothing more honest and captivating than real owners and their real dogs. If you think you’re a good looking duo (or trio or quadrupulo) then send us your best shot. If we pick you then you not only get to represent Paco Collars in future ad campaigns but you receive (insert drum roll here) free leather goods! (Well, free leather *good* of your choice and select photos from the shoot)

Here are the details:
– must be able to travel to studio or outdoor location (San Francisco Bay Area)
– exact dates TBA (one in late June, one in July)
– dog(s) must be comfortable in front of camera/new surroundings
– no age/breed/gender preference (however, kids under 18 must have permission from their parents/guardian)
– no need to previously own a Paco Collar, we will provide one for you
– ability to re-create “Blue Steel” a plus

There will be two shoots with 1-2 dog/owner groupings per shoot (so that’s 2-4 winners total, for those of us who are mathematically challenged).

Here’s what you do:
– E-mail a picture (or pictures) of you and your dog to or send hard copies (which cannot be returned) to P.O. Box 8482, Emeryville, CA 94662
– put “Star Search” in the title of the e-mail
– include contact info and June and July availability dates
– wait by the phone patiently, eating bon-bons until we summon you

See, it’s as easy as that. Now get out there on the catwalk and show us your stuff!

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