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We love People!

We should clarify: the magazine, not humanity in general. . . we ain’t hippies (okay, maybe a just a little, but don’t tell anyone). Check out this week’s spread devoted to the Vick dogs! It’s not every day rescues like BADRAP get their day in the sun, and it’s even less frequent you see a […]

Can it be?

Yep, it’s coming up on that time of year again. . . the temperature drops, fashion changes, and people start judging your love by the gifts you buy. Fortunately, we here at Paco Collars were put on this earth to make your gift-getting job a wee bit easier. In fact, in anticipation of the holiday […]

Time Flies!

Ah, it seems like just yesterday. . . 2002 marked the birth of American Idol and Paco Collars (some could argue more talent can be found in the latter). Paco was just a wee pup with a poor selection of neck-wear until his crafty mom discovered leather working. Five years later and Paco Collars is […]

Paco Immortalized!

In the tradition of royalty, politicians, and eccentric socialites with too much money on their hands, Paco has chosen to cast his likeness through medium which will far exceed his life expectancy. While his true motives may never be known, he first contacted talented Oklahoman painter Morian Whaley and demanded a larger-than-life-sized artistic interpretation of […]