The Hunt for the “New Paco”

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The recent and sudden death of Paco has left us with a Paco-shaped hole in our lives, one that needs filling. Now, we’re not naive enough to think that he could truly be replaceable, but the company is stuck without a mascot and Ana Poe is lonely without a pit bull, a situation that needs to be remedied. But the problem is that Paco had a very specific job so we need a dog who can fit into that role, and that’s where you come in. We need help finding the perfect candidate. Sure we’ve been cruising, but some of the best dogs don’t show up there or are still in the shelter. We need you to pass along this e-mail message to anyone or any rescue you think can help us locate the perfect dog.

Don’t worry, you will be kindly rewarded for your efforts. If you send us the tip that leads us to the perfect dog, you will win the Paco Collar of your choice! If you already have a Paco Collar, you can choose to donate the new one to rescue, but that’s up to you 😉

Job Description: The new dog must be willing to act as the new face of Paco Collars, model when necessary, greet customers at the store, and make public appearances. This means a non-fearful, stable temperament is a must. The new dog will also accompany Ana Poe just about everywhere and will need to be small dog (Xochitl, aka. “The Roach”), cat (Pirate), and child friendly. The ability to focus, learn new tricks, settle when the job is done, handle new things, and an outgoing personality are a plus. Oh, and be willing to cuddle at the drop of a hat. Basically, we’re looking for a quintessential pit bull.

Requirements: the dog must be
– a Pit Bull or Staffordshire Bull Terrier
– a rescue dog
– male

Preferences: (the following is a guideline only… kind of like stating, on, that you’ll only date guys that are over 6’3″ but you know you’ll settle for shorter if the fit is right)
– Under 50 lbs.
– good lookin’
– solid color (mostly)
– rose ears
– underbite

Basically, the perfect replacement dog is more like an old style APBT, one that can fit in your lap if need be, has lots of drive, and is handsome. Ideally the dog will be hosted by a recuse group so we can do a trial period to make sure the fit is just right. We know it may take a while, months even, to find the perfect dog, so that’s why we’re staring now… you can’t see the rainbow if your eyes aren’t open.

If you have any questions or a lead on what you think is the perfect dog for us, shoot us a note at Paws crossed the right guy comes our way!

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