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Who’s That Girl?

We’ll give you a hint: it’s not Madonna. No, it’s Paco Collars founder Ana Poe modeling goods for local East Bay company Adeline Street. Who knew that dorky girl who once thought a pair of turquoise home-made jams was the epitome of fashion would actually grow up to, well, represent fashion? We suppose stranger things […]

Round One!

It’s tradition here at Paco Collars to name new collar designs after the dogs that inspire them. It’s our simple way of giving props to the ones who deserve it. As of late, however, things have gotten a little, ahem, hairy. With so many designs and color combinations, having a different name for each is […]

Do you like candy?

So I called one of our favorite suppliers the other day to check on a shipment of goods, hoping they could throw another item or two in the shipment. “Well, that shipment went out yesterday,” they said, “but, Ana, listen. . . you *need* to come in today. They just came out with a whole […]