Crap, is it that time already?

Not that we’ve ever been guilty of waiting until the last minute to shop. Oh no, there was never a year where anyone’s entire family got presents thanks to a Christmas Eve shopping trip at the local 24 hour Long’s Drugs. Or a year when coins were tossed to see who would receive whatever household items were already lying around. No, we would never be caught procrastinating like that.

But the truth is there are some folks who do choose to wait until the last minute to find “the perfect gift” (but not us, remember?).

Don’t fret, Paco Collars is here to the rescue!

No, we can’t promise a handmade product by the holidays. We only have one elf working for us and he’s quite surly (see above). But we do have other options. . . for instance, how about a gift certificate!

Yes, thanks to the ease of internet ordering you can supply your loved one with exactly the perfect gift in the form of a gift certificate. This allows your recipient to choose *the* perfect product for themselves (or their dog). They get what they want, and you look like a very generous individual indeed.

Coincidentally, we are having a special on gift certificates where we’ll add $5.00 on top of what you spend. If you send us a photo of your dog in a Paco Collar, we’ll add on $10.00.

So don’t get grumpy like this guy. . . give the most creative and personal gift of the year: a Paco Collars gift certificate!

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