Round One!

It’s tradition here at Paco Collars to name new collar designs after the dogs that inspire them. It’s our simple way of giving props to the ones who deserve it.

As of late, however, things have gotten a little, ahem, hairy. With so many designs and color combinations, having a different name for each is just getting to be too confusing so we’ve decided to pare down.

Now comes the hard part. . . who will represent each collar design? For a 1″ wide double layer star collar, will the winner be “Pandora,” “Emily,” “Biscuit,” or “Tor”? We love them all so how can we play favorites?

Since, they don’t make a four-sided coin (and the four-sided die proved too unwieldy) we decided to take the laziest route. . . let the dogs work it out themselves!

Here’s some of the action:

Wow. Even while getting the stuffing beat out of him by Walter, Riley seems un-phased. . . can nothing shake that Golden?

Consumed with delivering the perfect roundhouse kick, Gunther doesn’t notice Oliver’s sneak attack (good thing he’s already neutered!)

Zuma gives Ellie Mae a run for her money while an bloodthirsty crowd cheers them on.

We’ll be monitoring the battles and changing the product pages accordingly to reflect the winners. May the best dogs win!

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