Do you like candy?

So I called one of our favorite suppliers the other day to check on a shipment of goods, hoping they could throw another item or two in the shipment. “Well, that shipment went out yesterday,” they said, “but, Ana, listen. . . you *need* to come in today. They just came out with a whole new line of conchos and buckles yesterday and I think you’ll really like them.”

At first I was suspicious. I mean, these guys never try to hard sell anything, and they know how picky I am, but Chris kept insisting.

“Seriously, I think you’re really going to like them.”

“But it’s a two hour round trip for me and I’ve got s%*! to do,” I argued.

“Trust me, it will be worth it,” he assured. With those words, I knew I’d just have to forfeit my Friday night plans, hop in the car, and see just what all the fuss was about.

Fortunately, I was not disappointed.

Presenting. . . (insert drum roll). . . The Rhinestone Cowboy!

Horseshoes rock

And check out this cute new buddy.

The best part? All the new decorations are hand-painted. Stay tuned for more new models!

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