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Paco Picks a Winner!

So last week we promised the opportunity to win a free collar in exchange for filling out our customer survey. And today we picked a winner. Now, we knew picking a winner would be hard. I mean, so many of our favorite folks filled out surveys that we decided it would be downright unfair for […]

Happy Birthday Paco!

That’s right, this Tuesday marks Paco’s 7th birthday! I know, we’ve been saying he’s 7 for a couple months now, but it’s been way easier to say than “6 3/4 years old” so we stretched the truth a bit (thankfully he doesn’t care about his age half as much as we do. . . if […]

Paco is fixed!

Paco went in for bilateral TPLO surgery this Monday, He spent two nights in the hospital but was able to return home yesterday! We’re keeping updates about his progress and fundraising on his own blog page so bookmark the page and check there for updates. Thank you all for your support during this tough time. […]

We love People!

We should clarify: the magazine, not humanity in general. . . we ain’t hippies (okay, maybe a just a little, but don’t tell anyone). Check out this week’s spread devoted to the Vick dogs! It’s not every day rescues like BADRAP get their day in the sun, and it’s even less frequent you see a […]