Punk Rawk, Redefined.

Perhaps nothing is more iconic than the punk rock pyramid stud. You know the one. Line several end upon end to create the classic “punk rock belt,” without which movies like Suburbia could never have been made.

Getting a pyramid stud belt is almost a right of passage in the punk rock community, but at some point you grow up, put it on the shelf, and crave something more complex (like songs with more than 3 chords) and that’s where we come in…

Introducing three new designs to appeal to both your hardcore sensibilities and your desire to be a fancy-pants. First is The Berlin, seen here on Berlin herself, an elegant Great Dane. It’s a double layer, 1.5″ collar suitable for any dog able to rock one of our Large Deluxe designs.

Next is The Rocko, which features over-sized pyramid studs and round spots on a 1″ wide collar. This a great collar for smaller guys who think they’re big. Rocko, the inspiration for the collar, is a Boston terrier with a big attitude. You get the picture.

Last, but certainly not least, is the design donned by our own little Xdog that goes by the same name. It can be found in our Exclusive category, which is dedicated to styles you will never find in any store as you can only get them directly through us.

This collar is especially unique as no two are alike. There is no pattern or template for this collar, so as it’s made from scratch, to the artisan’s taste, each and every time. Some of us believe it’s the best collar we’ve created to date, but you can be the judge of that.

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