When we get good s#!% in the mail. . .

. . . it really puts us on Cloud Nine

Here’s a couple fantastic pieces of correspondence that arrived this week. First, a card came in the mail from Florida:

“To All at Paco Collars,
Thank you so much! I got our two collars and matching bracelet in the
post on Thursday and they are fantastic. I’ve already been stopped
more times than I can count so people can inquire where I got them.
The woman who owns the pet boutique across the street was positively
It took me a few years to finally decide what I wanted and it was worth
the wait. They are works of art!

You rock!
Shandra (human), Ruadh (APBT) & Tonka (Catahoula X)”

Then, when we opened the e-mail, a message from Southern California:

“Hi there,

I’ve ordered a couple of your collars and just wanted to tell you how
great I think your organization is! I got my 2 year old APBT from
Berkeley Animal Care on 2nd Street. In only 4 months, Daisy earned both her
CGC and passed the more rigorous Therapy Dog test. You can see her at

At any rate, I love supporting people who support happy, healthy pit
bulls in the right hands. Thanks for donating some of your collars to
Pit Bull Hall and for having a socially responsible company in general.
I’ve told lots of doggie friends about you and will continue to do so!

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned pat on the back to keep us going (yep, we’re easy like that)!

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