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The Sula Collar

Our collar designs derive their names from the dogs that inspire them, and this time we got asked to honor a dog with very big paws to fill. Introducing “The Sula,” a collar designed in honor of the late Sula who serves as muse for Ken Foster and inspiration for New Orleans’ Sula Foundation. For […]

The New Guy…

If you haven’t already heard, we’ve added a new member to the Paco Collars family. He started out as a foster but slowly wormed his way into our hearts. You can read all about Huckleberry’s story here. Swing on by and say “hi” if you’re in the neighborhood…

Endangered Species

There can be many reasons to discontinue a design, and this is our least favorite one: the manufacturer has stopped making the decorations. Unfortunately, it happens to be the turquoise decoration that makes up our Jojo and Pocket collars. We’ve bought our supplier out, but these decorations are in limited supply. We’re in the process […]