Contest: Hit Us With Your Best Shot!

Our last contest was so much fun we’ve decided to do it again, only this time we have rules (don’t worry, they’re minimal). Here’s the general overview…

Post your favorite/best picture of your dog on our Facebook Fan page. They can be stacked, looking regal, adorable, silly, in action, a close-up… it’s completely up to your tastes and you can post more than once if you come across a better contender later. Commentors can post one comment per day, and the picture with the most comments wins the collar of their choice (up to $100, or that value can be put toward the Exclusive model of your choice).

As always, we’ll also pick the shot we think most befitting of the prize, so there will be two winners in the end. Contest ends this Thursday at 9 pm PST and the winner will be announced by Friday morning.

So get going through your photo collection and hit us with your best shot!

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