“My Dog Deserves a Paco Collar Because…” Contest

You know your dog deserves the best and, let’s face it, that pretty much means a Paco Collar, but it’s up to you to convince us. Here’s how it works:

1. Post a picture of your dog on the wall of our Facebook Page

2. Tell us why they deserve a Paco Collar

3. get your friends and family to help plead your case

4. The picture with the most comments* wins

Feel free to be as clever as you need to be in explaining exactly why your dog, above all else, deserves a Paco Collar. We don’t care if your dog has a string of rescues that puts Lassie to shame or if their sole skill is “footwarmer,” we want to hear what you and your loved ones have to say. Extra points for mentioning exactly which Paco Collar would suit them best, and you can enter as many times as you want.

What’s that? You say your dog is swimming in Paco Collars and couldn’t possibly use another one? Well then use your powers for good and make the case for a needy dog. Just give us a visual, a story, and get others to help them out.

While we do encourage you to get your friends and family involved, we also know popularity contests can be unfair, so know that…

5. Paco Collars, the company, will also pick a second winner, based solely on quality of the entry.

What does that mean? It means you have a chance to wow us, like really wow us with the quality of your plea, so don’t hold back!

The contest starts as soon as this post goes live and runs through July 4, 9pm PST, winners will be announced Monday morning July 5th (really, can you think of a better way to start the week?). Feel free to bug us with any questions, and go tell us why Your Dog Deserves a Paco Collar!

* comments = whole phrases or exclamations that make sense**

** “makes sense” = as deemed by the Paco Collars jury to be directly pertaining to the content of the photograph and posted with sincere intentions, not as a clever ploy to inflate post count (if you guys weren’t so good at this we wouldn’t have to be so specific ; )).

12 thoughts on ““My Dog Deserves a Paco Collar Because…” Contest

  1. Brigitte Baker says:

    Coal Gaither is a hands down winner for this collar! he is one of the most amazing breed ambassadors I have ever met! He would do your fabulous art work justice!

  2. Zizi says:

    Moose deserves the Paco Collar because he is a pitbull who has been neglected and kept on a 4 foot chain his entire life! he needs a loving home too!

  3. Margo Bernard Willmes says:

    Moose deserves to win a Paco collar because his rescuers hope wearing such a unique and beautiful decoration will help get him noticed, and into the loving home he so deserves. Moose has never known the good life, and is currently living on a chain while some kind folks do their best to help him. Thank you.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Moose deserves to win, because he needs something to help him stand out against all the puppies, and dogs that didn't have their ears cut off and the other ones people deem adoptable.

    Thank you

  5. Will Oswalt says:

    I'd love to place my vote for Moose. He looks like he wants to give someone lots of love and hopefully there's someone out there who will do the same for him. The beautiful Alabama-Deluxe collar would look great on this handsome young man. Thanks to the great gentleman who's given him a place to stay, and those trying to find Moose his forever home (and to Cindy Mac for posting this on her FB page). I can't wait to see him wearing it!

  6. Justmeshann says:

    Suki deserves a collar so she can feel good about herself… She has had such a rough start in life and deserves only the best! and your collars are the best! Please vote for Suki the smiling pup<3

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