What Recession?

They say that the recession is a mindset, but that doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot of people aren’t feeling the pinch! But what to do when your dog needs a new collar but your wallet can’t fork over the cash?

Got laid off and don’t have a job? Even better!

We here at Paco Collars are looking out for you and, at least for you local folks, have the solution in hand. . . come work it off! That’s right, if you want it bad enough, have some time, and can travel to our studio, then you have the option of putting in a few hours toward your product. Don’t let the lack of leather-working skills be an issue because we’ll train you ourselves.

Look, it’s fun!

So if the idea of getting a new collar, learning a little leathercraft, and hanging out with some really cool dogs appeals to you, then shoot us a line at info@pacocollars.com with the following info:

available hours

We’ll get back to you with the details so you can find out if this is an option that works for you!

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