Wanna see your dog in print, sort of?

We’re in the process of making a new catalog and would love to include your dog. Why? Because Paco Collars are worn by real dogs who do real things in the real world (at least we hope so).

Here’s the deal: Submit your favorite photographs of your dog wearing its Paco Collar. There are no size requirements, no entry limits, jpg, png, and tif formats accepted, and please have it in by June 20th, 2008. E-mail submissions to info@pacocollars.com

Remember that this is for inclusion in a catalog, so a good photo of the product is preferred but not essential as we want to feature lifestyle shots (see the above photo, taken by our friend, as an example where a good photo trumps the product shot). Remember, dogs that own Paco Collars typically have it better off than most dogs, as they’re an active bunch, and that’s what we want to showcase.

As a bribe, we’re giving away a matching leash to our favorite submission, so start clicking!

p.s. if you’ve already sent photos in the past, you can still resend. . . even if we already have them you’ll be eligible for goods this round!

p.p.s. In an eco-friendly move, the catalog will come in CD format versus print, hence the “sort of” portion of this post’s title.

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