Paco Picks a Winner!

So last week we promised the opportunity to win a free collar in exchange for filling out our customer survey. And today we picked a winner.

Now, we knew picking a winner would be hard. I mean, so many of our favorite folks filled out surveys that we decided it would be downright unfair for any of us to do the deed, so we made Paco do it (with the help of numbered ping pong balls floating in a bucket).

You can watch the moment of truth right here:

And the lucky winner is. . . (insert drum roll here). . . number 56, Jacqueline Erbe!

Congratulations Jackie! And no worries if you didn’t win this round, we already have another contest up our sleeve. . . stay tuned for details!

p.s. for those of you wondering about Paco’s naked butt, you can read about it here.

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