In the name of progress!

So it’s no secret we’ve been busy. . . busy making product, busy making deals, and busy inventing new and fun things to make out of leather.

The Paco Collars workshop has been like a science lab as of late, but we thought we’d poke our heads up from the bubbling beakers for a moment to introduce you to a few of the products born of ingenuity.

First off, the custom flask. . .

Now, instead of being resigned to your inner most coat pocket, you can proudly sport your flask in the wide open, no longer ashamed of it’s dull, tinny exterior. Whether it be your favorite dog, tattoo, or smurf, we have the ability to add your favorite drinking buddy on a conveniently sized booze container. Sorry, alcohol *not* included.

Next, the Three Band Bracelet

Not to be worn in public unless you want to hear, “Wow, that’s f-ing cool,” over and over.

Lastly, new collar designs! Yes, we’re coming up with them all the time. This one happens to be quite old (some of you might recognize it from ads in S.F.), but we just found the perfect dog after which to name it. Here’s Pocket wearing “The Pocket”:

Don’t bother asking what happened to her ears, we’re still trying to figure that out ourselves. The best guess is that they ran away, but only Pocket knows the whole story.

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