Let the torture begin!

That’s right, the holiday season is a-comin, and once again it feels all too early. We here at Paco Collars don’t want to start thinking about it as much as you don’t want to start thinking about it, but since we custom make every dog collar from scratch, we have a turnaround time to consider. To ease the pain, we made a few incentives to make life easier:

Free Shipping and Guaranteed X-mas delivery if you order in between Nov 1-7, 2008 You can order after Nov 7 for holiday delivery, but your order may be subject to a RUSH fee… exclusion of fee depends on how busy we are, how close we are to the big day, and how good your story is.

Free inclusion of holiday card! This is actually available year-round, free of charge, if you make the request… we can also scrawl “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL (insert date here)” in sharpie all over the box if you feel the recipient is prone to peeking.

20% dollar value added to gift certificates! This offer will be good until December 25, 2008. You order a gift certificate, we’ll send it to the recipient and add 20% to the amount. It’s like multiplying each dollar you spend by a factor of 1.2… talk about stretching your money!

On a final note we’d like to remind you what an awesome and thoughtful purchase a Paco Collar can be. Not only are you giving a unique gift that was handmade for the recipient, but you are supporting local business, purchasing with the future in mind (a non-disposable product made from biodegradable materials that will last the lifetime of your dog), and getting something stylish out of the deal. It’s a gift everyone can love!

p.s. for the record, we are not advocating torturing your dog by making them dress up in ridiculous outfits like poor Booker above… oh, who are we kidding, yeah we are!

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