Paco Immortalized!

In the tradition of royalty, politicians, and eccentric socialites with too much money on their hands, Paco has chosen to cast his likeness through medium which will far exceed his life expectancy.

While his true motives may never be known, he first contacted talented Oklahoman painter Morian Whaley and demanded a larger-than-life-sized artistic interpretation of his now famous “Kong on Head” shot. Despite the tremendous amount of pressure (Paco has been known to behead subjects who do not live up to his standards), Ms. Whaley manged to execute a fantastic piece, as evidenced below:

Then, to counteract his selfish maneuver, Paco then participated in the Pet Food Express “My Mutt” program where pets pose to raise money for charity. His non-profit of choice? BadRap. And his photographer? Alexis Levesque. The results can be seen hanging in the Rockridge Pet Food Express location.

While the one act of philanthropy may counteract his act of self-indulgence, we still have to assume that Paco is one narcissistic dog.

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