Together at last… but we need your help

This collaboration has been a long time in the making. It began back when Ruthie & Paco were still happily crunching chicken on this plane, our companies were young, and we discovered just how well Fetching Tags and Paco Collars complemented each other. They say good things come to those who wait, and so we present to you the first of many unique products to come:

Three handcrafted Fetching Tags mounted on a sturdy Paco Collar create a practical and beautiful solution to your safety and aesthetic needs. The tags feature your dog’s name, contact number, and a tagline that sum up your dog’s unique self. It will come in a variety of sizes to fit dogs (and cats) of any build, and all components are built to last by companies that stand by their craftsmanship. The only hitch is that we don’t know what to name this creation, but this is where you come in.

If you can come up with the perfect name for this product offering, then we will gift you with a free one, 100% customized for your dog.

We urge you to be creative in your endeavor. The name could reference the history of Fetching Tags or Paco Collars, it could refer to the quality of materials or sensible nature of the design, or it could be a made up word that makes you giggle. There is no filter on this contest, and feel free to poll others… sometimes coworkers and family members will surprise you with the depth of their creativity.

You can submit your entry any way you see fit: post on our respective Facebook walls, email us, comment on our blogs… heck, you could even phone us. We’ll combine our findings and select a winner* by Monday February 21 just so we don’t keep you in suspense forever!

* if two people come up with the winning name, we’ll be going by initial submission time, ie. whoever enters it first!

43 thoughts on “Together at last… but we need your help

  1. Leonidas says:

    Simply Fetching Collars.

    Simply – because they are handmade and simple lasting materials
    Fetching and Collars from both names of the companies but also a play on words insinuating the collar is attractive as well =)

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