New Collar has a New Name!

We’d like to formally introduce you to…

The Double Agent!

Three Fetching Tags serve as decoration, and this Paco Collar serves as identification, thus making this product one that works for both sides. Thank you Marnie Jones for your wonderful suggestion and you will be bestowed with a free gift in exchange for your cleverness.

As you might have noticed, we were late making this announcement because there were so many wonderful entries that it was difficult to sift through. Take a couple hundred good suggestions, divide it by two companies (and the personalities within), and you’ve got yourself a heck of a battle. We thought we’d offer an “Honorable Mention” category to the entries that didn’t quite make it, but made us smile with your wit and creativity. Each will receive a $25 credit toward the Double Agent collar (or whatever you want to call it). They are:

Rupa – Marleen Arnett
Three Times a Charm – Tracy Cusack
the Narwhal – Fransheska Vieux
the Alchemy – Amy Thaxton

And as an extra thanks (and apology for the wait), we’ll be extending our for another few hours until 3 pm PST (6pm EST) so you’ve got the chance to pick up a new Double Agent collar at 20% off!

Thanks everyone who participated in making this contest such a photo finish!

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