Valentine’s Special: 20% off Fetching Tags or Paco Collars with One Simple Code

That’s right, because we love you guys so much, Paco Collars and Fetching Tags are banding together again to give you the opportunity to outfit the one you really love: your dog.

There’s something about Paco Collars and Fetching Tags that are just so complimentary. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, but without all the calories. All the studio dogs don Fetching Tags, and all the Fetching Dogs wear Paco Collars, so it’s natural that eventually we’d collaborate and let you in on the secret.

From now through next Monday February 21st, enjoy 20% off on either website using the same convenient coupon code:


So go find the Paco Collar that suits your dog best (feel free to contact us for a personal consult) and then go compose the Fetching Tag that perfectly completes the ensemble. Talk about the perfect way celebrate your Valentine!

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