Tick, Tock!

nerdy christmas

Abner would like to remind you that the clock is a-tickin’ and his tree looks awful bare. If you were planning on filling it with Paco Collars products, you may want to jump on it since the last day to order, receive by Christmas, and pay just the regular rush fee is the Friday the 19th. After that, you may have to give up a body part or your first born child in order to get your hands on Paco Collars goodies in time for the big day (seriously, if it’s an emergency just talk to us and we’ll see what we can do… also gift certificates can be ordered up to the last minute).

Speaking of the big day, we’re busy gearing up for it! I wonder what Paco is getting…

p.s. holiday photo contest deadline is this Saturday, December 20, and winners will be announced shortly thereafter!

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