And the winner of the 2008 Paco Collars Holiday picture contest is….

(drum roll please)

A gaggle of Texan Border Collies behaving in unison!

2008 Holiday Picture Contest Winner!

In this case it was the sheer number of dogs that dictated supremacy. I mean, check out another entry from the winner… this is the whole pack (not including fosters). You have to admit it’s pretty spectacular (extra points for spotting the pit bull)!

one of these things is not like the other

But the problem is that we got so many incredible entries that we decided to give tribute to a few more of our favorites. While we can only hand out one grand prize, each of the following will receive a special, surprise gift in addition to mad props. Without further ado…

Winner of the Best Art Direction in a Holiday Picture (starring Red XIII)

Best Art Direction in a Holiday picture

Winner of the Best Dog and Santa Picture (Tyson looks *tiny!)

Tyson & Santa

Winner of Best Group Costume (that’s Ginger pulling the cart)

Best costume in a Holiday picture

Winner of Most Original Theme: Pete in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

Most Original Theme in a Holiday picture

Winner of the Most Paco Collars in One Picture (names below)

Most Paco Collars in a Holiday picture

The Biggest Grinch (starring a very unhappy Abner)

Biggest Grinch

And, finally, Paco’s submission (excuse the poor filming, it’s a new camera)

Thanks again everyone for making this one fantastic contest… we were swamped with entries and narrowing it down to just these was no small task. We promise the January contest will require less animal wrangling!

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