Winners of the “Who Would You Gift a Paco Collar to?” Contest

To say this was the hardest competition we’ve ever had to judge would be an understatement. As we read the entries aloud in the studio this week, the criteria changed from, “does this make us cry?” to, “how hard does it make us cry?”

It wasn’t easy (in fact, we’ve decided to reward everyone who participated) but there were two entries that stood out…

Without further ado, we’d like to congratulate Junior/Tiffany McBee and Ann Azevedo (as well as their nominators, Teal Erickson and Kelli Doyle respectively). Junior is the definition of survivor, and we are so happy he’ll be able to live out his remaining years in luxury. And Ann… we’re not quite sure how she manages to warp the space/time continuum in order to participate in her different activities in addition to holding a full time job, but we feel Doc will be better for it. Here are the entries, in their entirety:

Winner, Dog Most Deserving of a Paco Collar: Junior (and rescuer Tiffany McBee)

“My nomination for the Paco collar is to Tiffany McBee and Junior.

Junior is a 12 yr old APBT that was one of the Missouri 500 in the dog fighting bust this summer. From the beginning Junior was the favorite of many. He has no teeth, no ears and previously had a bleeding tumor hanging off his face but he was one of the first to hand out kisses to anyone that would stop at his kennel. He is a deserving boy because of what he has been through and what he stands for, a fighting dog that is now a loved and cherished member of a family and society. Junior has been part of many press conferences since being released 6 weeks ago and just takes everything in stride. He truly is what we fight for every day. But without Tiffany, Junior would not have his first home to call his own. He know can live out his years on a couch with a family who loves him dearly.

Tiffany has been doing Pit Bull rescue for almost 10 yrs now, working tirelessly trying to make a difference in Mid Missouri, one dog at a time. When the bust happened July 7th, Tiffany was immediately available to help these dogs. From the moment volunteers were allowed in to help (3rd week in July), Tiffany has driven 3 hours one way at LEAST 3 days a week, to volunteer her time to the Missouri 500. She has scrubbed kennels, stuffed kongs, walked dogs, played with puppies, anything that was needed. She has worked day and night trying to find as many responsible rescues as could be found to get as many dogs placed and on to new lives. Hundreds of hours on the phone, hundreds of hours on the computer, just trying to save who she could. Tiffany doesnt want her name in the media and doesnt want to take credit for anything she has done over the last 4 months but I want to show my gratitude for what she has done for our breed my nominating her for your collar contest.

Thank You !

Broken Hearts Mended Souls
Pit Bull Rescue Central
Gateway Dock Dogs”

Winner, Human Most Deserving of a Paco Collar: Ann Azevedo

“I have lots of worthy friends that I think a Paco Collar would be great for.
But the one I think deserves it the most is my friend Ann.

Ann Azevedo has been devoting herself to animals for many years. She used to be a Animal Control Officer for the Municipal shelter, but suffered burnout due to archaic management of the facility. She recognized she could do more as a rescue worker than an ACO and now manages her own rescue – Bad Dawg Rescue- and runs it primarily from her own home with a devoted group of foster families, donors and educated individuals.
She specializes in rehoming and rehabilitating dogs no one wants- the Bad Dawgs.
From cross-eyed senior-citizen chihuahuas, to stray labs with injuries that many people would put down due to cost – Ann knows they all deserve one more chance and she works with a close group of foster families to rehabilitate her charges. She also is in contact with major breed-rescue groups to get animals that she doesn’t have the space for out of the shelter and moving on to a new life.
Ann is also a huge bully advocate.
She works with the SPCA and her Foster Families to move Pit Bull-type dogs out of her local municipal shelter- who only adopt out Pit Bulls to Rescues- so they get another chance. She is well versed in bully behavior- having owned many in the past.
She also takes in a variety of dumps, strays and any other critters that need a place to stay- bunnies, chickens and mini horses to name a few!

When not sleeping or working with her rescue, she works full time as a Vet tech for a mobile veterinary service and is a member of the Local Dog Owners Group- offering private classes and deciphering animal behavior.
She also volunteers her time with the local 4H club teaching animal handling and safety to kids, and is an AKC CGC instructor and evaluator.

And if I know Ann- she’ll cry over the idea of getting her 13 year old Aussie Doc a handsome Paco Collar.
She and Doc are soul mates and she knows he’s only got so much time left.

Thanks for listening, you guys!

Kelli Doyle”

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