Making waves in Chicago

Paco Collars has always had the policy that we don’t allow stores who sell dogs to carry our products. Last spring the policy was tested for the first time and Ana Poe wrote about it in her personal blog.

This past weekend tensions rose as parties clashed and protesters picketed outside one store selling puppies. As local media covered the story, they referred to Paco Collars company policy and the blog post from last spring.

In general, we don’t like to make waves, but in this instance we’re proud that we can help educate. It’s not that buying dogs is bad, it’s that the practices that accompany selling dogs through pet stores is ultimately detrimental to the welfare of pets and, as a company, we like to promote responsible pet ownership.

These days responsible consumerism is on the rise. If you find yourself reading labels in the grocery store, then thinking twice about where you get your pets should be a no-brainer. It’s up to all of us to make a difference.

3 thoughts on “Making waves in Chicago

  1. tryingtomakeadifference says:

    I live Near Pawsh Puppies in Chicago (referenced above) and in my opinion, it is just plain ignorance that people still buy their dogs from pet stores. They need to be educated.

    What breeder cares so little about their puppies that they would sell them to a pet store in the first place? Most good dog breeders are picky about who they sell to and sometimes actually turn down potential owners. Please consider a homeless pet – there are all breeds, sizes, ages, temperaments, intelligence levels, etc. – just be patient and you will find the dog you are looking for through adoption.

    I support your store completely and love the fact that there are folks like you out there that support a good cause.

  2. degerano says:

    How long and hard are you going to pound it in people's heads before you realize that you will never have everyone in the world wanting to adopt. If you want to adopt thats great but how dare you call me uneducated for buying a dog from a pet store. Educate all you want, everyone knows adoption is an option but still have the CHOICE to buy from a breeder or store.

  3. Bamboo's human says:

    Look, degerano!!! You are not paying attention. Responsible, quality breeders DO NOT let puppies go to the pet stores. Furthermore, they care about the well being of the dogs they have produced from the whelp until passing. Living in a cage isn't like being crated. Nor is it like life at a good kennel. Those dogs miss their most crucial period of socialization which occurs after weaning. It is a major influence on improper relieving, dogs do not want to “do their business” where they live and eat! Nursing Dams constantly lick their pups to keep things clean. If you wish to have a canine with poor house manners that will eat poop, and have serious health issues, go ahead! Many breed specific health issues come from irresponsible breeding. Pet trade puppies have not been produced for any good reasons! Simply greed for the dirty money that so many humans lust after. Proper breeders and shelters are the only way to responsibly bring a canine into your life. Go to the pet store for food and toys, not for the pet. I am with my dog 24/7, she is a Guide Dog, and I can barely see. Maybe you should open your eyes before you post, or are you the blind person???

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