The best of the best

You guys weren’t fooling around when we asked for photo submissions of your dogs wearing their Paco Collars. We figured a handful of folks would submit, but no. . . we received a slew of entries.

There’s no way to calculate how many individual photo shoots were choreographed around the contest, but know that we fully appreciate each and every one of them. Alas, we did eventually have to narrow it down to one lucky winner. After much bickering and a little bloodshed, a winner emerged:

This is Bosie, as photographed by Craig Winsor, wearing The Patrick. But Craig is somewhat of a pro, even if it technically isn’t a full time career quite yet, so we selected another winner:

This is Sheena, photographed by Loretta Hodgdon in a more mild mannered moment (we did receive pictures of Sheena smothered in mud while going to the ground like a good terrier).

While these two are our official winners, we couldn’t let the following go without Honorable mention. Here are a few more of our favorites:

Marzipan modeling the Cheat and looking uber-enthusiastic about the whole thing, as photographed by Leah Hartlep

Alex demonstrating the durability of Paco Collars, as photographed by Pamela Rody.

Clover in a serene beach moment, as photographed by Joe Foster.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated. And feel free to continue sending us pictures. . . we’re always open to upgrade both our website and catalog shots if you have something better!

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